Crabs, Clams and Shrimp

ProShuckers prepares and serves crabs, clams and shrimp as well as oysters. We select only the freshest and meatiest shellfish that the market has to offer. For more information, e-mail or call Steve at 443-520-0729 – and let the party begin!


Hard shelled clams are native to the east coast of North America. From Prince Edward Island to Florida Clams, clams range from steamers which are the smallest to Little Necks, Mahogany, Middle Necks, Top Necks, Cherry Stone and the largest, Chowder Clams.

The most common raw bar clams are Middle Necks, Top Necks and Cherry Stones.

  • Little Necks: 1-1/2 to 2 inches
  • Middle Necks: 2 to 2-1/2 inches"
  • Top Necks: 2-1/2 to 3 inches
  • Cherry Stones: 3 to 4 inches


Shrimp Sizes (average per pound)

  • Extra Jumbo: 16/20 (18 average per pound)
  • Jumbo: 21/25 (23 average)
  • Extra Large: 26/30 (28 average)
  • Large: 31/35 (33 average)
  • Medium Large: 36/40 (38 average)
  • Medium: 41/50 (45 average)


White Shrimp are mild, sweet in flavor Mostly caught in fall months

Brown Shrimp have a more pronounced sweet flavor than most popular commercial shrimp



#1 Males ("Jimmy's") size 6"- 7" (large). 5-7 dozen per bushel.

#2 Males ("Jimmy's") size 5" - 6 " (small/medium). 7-9 dozen per bushel.

Females ("Sooks") 5"- 7". 5-9 dozen per bushel